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Want a second date? Order this food...

A Yelp survey says that the top food couples order after a one-night stand is pizza. It's also the food that makes you most attractive.
/ Source: TODAY

So, you've just had a one-night stand (or, who knows, maybe it's the beginning of something more...) and you're ready to grab a bite to eat with your honey-of-the-moment. But what to order? Since you're just getting acquainted, you likely don't know a lot about their likes or dislikes — so your safest best is something that just about everybody loves.

And that food is... pizza, of course! In fact, three quarters of those polled in a recent Yelp survey said pizza was their top choice post a little one-night stand action. Tacos came in "a distant second," according to Yelp's press release about the poll, which surveyed 2,000 single American millennials.

Pizza is the best bet if you're looking for another date, too. According to Yelp, "46 percent of single millennials find a fling more attractive if they are into certain foods." And the top food they'd like a potential partner to be into is — you guessed it — pizza. Following pizza (which got 59 percent of votes) was ice cream (50 percent), then pasta (44 percent) and tacos (43 percent).

It's not surprising that pizza won out for one-night stands and budding relationships. It is America's favorite comfort food, according to a 2016 Harris Poll, which notes that people tend to eat comfort foods after they've had both really bad days and really good ones — we're willing to bet that goes for good dates and bad ones, too.

But if you want to land that second date, you're going to have to do more than just order pizza. You're going to need to eat that pizza with your mouth closed. According to Yelp's survey, the top eating habit that causes people to turn down a date is chewing loudly or with your mouth open — crimes deemed worse than runner-up offenses, "gorging on too much junk food and drinking too much alcohol."

Not mentioned in the poll? How those who ordered pineapple pizza fared when asking for a second date...

But there's some good news even for the liquored up, open-mouth chewing pizza haters: Only one in five surveyed have actually turned down a date just because of somebody's eating habits, while 86 percent of those polled say they have never broken up with someone because they have different tastes in food.

Still, why not play it safe and just order the pizza? If all goes well, that second date might lead to a third, and next thing you know you'll find yourself signing up for your pizza wedding registry and planning a pizza cake for your big day.