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Aldi-loving 4-year-old gets the grocery-themed birthday party of her dreams

Who needs clowns when you can have groceries?
/ Source: TODAY

A little girl who recently turned 4 is proving that one is never too young to appreciate a good discount on groceries.

Meaghan Singleton, a mom from South Carolina, has known for awhile that her daughter Saylor has an unusual passion for the beloved grocery chain Aldi. So, when Saylor's 4th birthday rolled around, Singleton decided to honor her daughter's obsession by putting together a grocery-themed birthday party.

Saylor Singleton loves shopping as the discount grocer store Aldi. Webb Trio Photography

“We were talking with Saylor about the things she loves, trying to decide on a theme for her birthday party, and she says she wants to go to Aldi," Singleton told TODAY Food.

“Funny enough, her and I had already gone that day!” she added.

The party was adorned with festive decoration in Aldi's colors. Webb Trio Photography

“I asked her about an Aldi-themed party and she excitedly dropped her jam and ran around saying, 'Yes!' So Aldi was a go!” said Singleton.

To set the scene, Singleton created posters that were inspired by actual signs in the store, 25-cent cookies to mimic the quarters required to grab a cart, cash register decorations and even a three-tiered cupcake display that read, “Saylor Loves ALDI.” The food was also served in the boxes Aldi uses on its store shelves.

Prior to the party, Singleton even treated her daughter to a custom photo session shot in an actual Aldi grocery store. The photos, said Singleton, not only captured her daughter's enthusiasm for the store but added a great personal touch to the festivities.

Webb Trio Photography

Guests at the party also got a kick out of the concept.

“Our friends were hysterical about it,” said Singleton. “A lot of our friends are frequent shoppers so they also love Aldi and understood the references in decor. “

For the occasion, Saylor also got to wear a special outfit: a grey dress with an Aldi logo patch to mimic what a store employee might wear.

“Saylor was over the moon when it all came together," said Singleton. "She put on her uniform and walked into the dining room and ran to her Grandma screaming, 'I love Aldi!'"

The little details truly made the Aldi-themed party come to life. Webb Trio Photography

For the adults, Singleton served Aldi's Winking Owl wine (basically Aldi's answer to Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck), which retails for about $3 a bottle.

But what is it that this little girl loves so much about Aldi, anyway?

"She loves the corndogs, fig bars and apples," said Singleton, adding, "She's always picked something up from the middle aisle. If it's a toy, book or a plant. She gets something."

Sounds like we could all use a bit more of Saylor's enthusiasm for food shopping the next time we need to pick up a few groceries.