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Adorable mom teaches her daughter how to properly fold a burrito in a viral video

Don't know how to fold a burrito? This adorable video will teach you the basics.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s no secret that food brings families closer together. But one special video featuring a burrito — created by a caring mother for her hungry daughter — just unified the internet.

On Wednesday, April Olivera, a college student from Southern California, sent a desperate text to her mother, asking for cooking advice. She’d forgotten how to roll a burrito.

“I had just finished making my rice, beans, salsa, and fajitas and I put them on the tortilla,” April told TODAY Food. “Then I noticed that I really didn’t know how to roll it!”

Instead of just responding with a text, April's mother, Silvia Olivera, responded with a very informative, yet perfectly simple 42 second video. Now thousands of people know how to properly fold a burrito, and April's mom has legions of fans.

“I texted my mom telling her I didn’t know how to fold my burrito and she sent me this,” April wrote on Twitter. “I don’t deserve her.”

In the brief clip, Silvia folded a flawless, rice-filled mini burrito. But she also melted hearts with the sweet tone of her voice and easy-to-follow folding technique.

April's mom speaks in Spanish throughout the tutorial, but her steps made perfect sense to many English-speakers who replied to April.

So, what's the absolute best way to fold a burrito? As Silvia demonstrates, first one should spoon a serving of rice (or whatever fillings are preferred) onto your tortilla base, then fold in the left and right sides of the tortilla about an inch. Then simply roll from the bottom to the top of your tortilla until both ends meet. If you're not a former Chipotle employee, then it's also best not to overfill your burrito to ensure the tortilla doesn't break.

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Thankfully, April's loving mom runs through the folding procedure twice, with a smile on her face and a “therapeutic” tone, according to one fan of the post. She then signs off by saying, “Bye, te amo,” which means “Bye, I love you.”

As of Monday, the video has garnered over 180,000 retweets and nearly 1 million likes. So it's pretty safe to say that in addition to puppies and babies, Twitter really loves burritos and moms.

With over 10,000 comments ranging from complimenting Silvia's sweet smile to gratitude for the uncomplicated technique, the video is being praised as an “edible life lesson,” that's also “wholesome and educational.”

For April, the video just rolled together her two favorite things: family and food.

“When I saw that she had sent me a video, I knew that I count on her for anything and everything,” April told TODAY. “It made me feel her love.”