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This mom sneaking a photo of Kanye West at The Cheesecake Factory is all of us

Hey, Kanye! Look this way!
/ Source: TODAY

Ever dream of getting a photo with a larger-than-life celebrity Kanye West or Kim Kardashian West? Looks like you'll have to get yourself to a Cheesecake Factory.

That's where one Dayton, Ohio, woman was able to score a sneaky selfie with the famous couple — without ever leaving her seat.

On Saturday night, Andrea Rhodes and her husband, Daniel Rizer, were dining out at their local Cheesecake Factory when they heard a commotion.

When Daniel Rizer snapped a photo of his wife snapping a photo with Kanye West at a Cheesecake Factory in Dayton, Ohio, he sent the pic his daughter's way. Soon after, the image went viral. Courtesy of Daniel Rizer

"We were seated near the back entrance, and all of a sudden we noticed a lot of activity with security folks moving in and out the back door," Rizer told TODAY Food. "We looked outside and saw a large, black SUV and a gathering crowd. We asked our waiter what was going on, and he said, 'Kim and Kanye are back.'"

The Wests were in Dayton over the weekend to host the rapper's Sunday Service, a gospel-style worship gathering, to honor the victims of the city's recent mass shooting.

Rizer and Rhodes knew the famous couple had dined at the restaurant the night before, but were surprised that they returned again the next night. Still, they were both ready with their phones when the Wests did arrive with 3-year-old son Saint and 6-year-old daughter North.

The rapper arrived to The Cheesecake Factory in a yellow hoodie.Courtesy of Daniel Rizer

"We were both ready and anticipating they'd be coming through that back door," Rizer said.

"Our reaction was really just to snap a couple photos as quick as possible for our daughter, Kayla Martens, who unfortunately wasn't at dinner with us that night and is a huge fan of Kim and Kanye's."

The reality star arrived in an oversized sweatshirt.Courtesy of Daniel Rizer

Rizer scored priceless photos of his wife taking a not-so-sneaky selfie with both West and Kardashian West, which he promptly shared with their daughter.

Martens soon posted one of the photos to Twitter, writing: "Here’s Kanye West looking at my mom while she takes a picture of him."

The post quickly went viral (it now has over 114,000 likes), and people couldn't help but laugh at West's facial expression and pose.

"Kanye definitely saw his reflection in my wife's phone as he was moving by. It was a funny look, but he was cool about it," Rizer said. "Andrea wasn't too happy about [the post going viral] at first because she was 'having a bad hair day.'"

A Cheesecake Factory representative confirmed to TODAY Food the famous couple did indeed dine at the Dayton location two nights in a row. They also revealed that the couple ate with a large group of adults and kids on both nights and ordered cheesecakes, items from the children’s menu and more.

Rhodes snapping a photo of the famous couple.Courtesy of Daniel Rizer

Rizer said this was their first celebrity sighting at the popular restaurant chain known for its larger-than-life portions.

Despite the couple's superstar status and large entourage, Rizer said the Wests appeared pretty normal.

"They were there with their two children so they mostly acted like parents with two hungry kids. They didn't seemed phased that the whole restaurant was looking at them," he said.