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Mom tricks shopaholic son with cake that looks exactly like an Amazon box

The birthday boy was blown away by the special delivery.
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“I thought it was just another parcel when I saw it on the table,” her son said.Alex Kraus / Bloomberg via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Birthdays have always been a piece of a cake for Nina Evans Williams, a professional baker in the United Kingdom.

But Evans Williams outdid herself when her shopaholic son, Kane, turned 24 earlier this month. To mark the milestone, she whipped up a chocolate confection that looks exactly like a Amazon package. The treat is so realistic that Evans Williams later shared photos on Instagram of the treat after it had been sliced.

“People were asking for proof,” Evans Williams told TODAY Food, with a laugh.

Kane, who receives weekly packages from the online retailer, was blown away by the special delivery that was served on a slab to match the family’s front porch.

“I thought it was just another parcel when I saw it on the table,” Kane said. “My mom surprises me every year, but this might have been the best one."

The four-layer chocolate, raspberry jam and buttercream masterpiece took two days to complete.

“It’s quite massive,” Evans Williams revealed, noting that the cake measures 10-inches by 15-inches.

Evans Williams, who runs Nina’s Cake Cabin in North Wales, said the trickiest element was getting the cardboard color right on the sugar paste and fondant.

“My husband, he helps me, we had a real Amazon box and we were comparing constantly,” Evans Williams said. "That was the hardest thing, really but we did it."

Fans of Nina’s Cake Cabin are leaving plenty of positive feedback on Instagram.

“How did you make the paper look so real?” one person asked. (Answer: it’s an icing print.)

Added other, “Absolutely amazing. Never saw an Amazon box look that good!”