Microwave breakfast: Make a 3-minute huevos rancheros recipe in a mug

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Eggs are a great, protein-rich breakfast, but many of us tend to only serve them on the weekends, opting for ready-made cereals and muffins on hectic weekday mornings. The next time you tell yourself that you're too busy to cook eggs, remember this speedy, Mexican-inflected recipe from Mug Meals by Leslie Bilderback.

Huevos Rancheros in a Mug

Huevos Rancheros in a Mug

Leslie Bilderback

Tips for making eggs in a mug

Boost the protein. If you prefer two eggs instead of one, this recipe can be easily adapted. But since using multiple eggs can cause the mixture to cook unevenly, Bilderback suggests stopping and stirring midway through cooking.

Soak early and often. Microwaved eggs will stubbornly cling to any cooking container, so be sure to fill your dirty mugs with water and allow them to sit before removing residue with a scrub brush. "The dishwasher doesn't usually cut it," Bilderback says.

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Raid your pantry. Don't limit yourself to only tortilla chips for the huevos rancheros. In a pinch, you can also swap in Doritos, Fritos or sliced soft tortillas. Bilderback also likes to toss in leftovers like grilled meat or cooked beans.

Recipe and photos from Mug Meals by Leslie Bilderback. Copyright © 2015 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Griffin.

This article was originally published on Aug. 28, 2015.