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Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm appear in remake of iconic 'Anything you can do' commercial

The stars are joined by another pair of legendary athletes determined to outdo each other.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm are still fiercely competitive.

The duo returns in a new commercial for Gatorade Zero that harkens back to their Gatorade ad nearly a quarter of a century ago.

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This time around, soccer great Abby Wambach (a two-time gold medal Olympian and 2015 Women’s World Cup champion) and Jamaican track and field legend Usain Bolt (an eight-time Olympic gold medalist) take over the main roles.

The pair guzzle some Gatorade Zero to prep them to flip tires, run, ride stationary bikes, play soccer and ping-pong before they fail miserably at speed skating while "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" plays underneath.

After one of the “Yes, I can” lyrics plays, we see Jordan on the phone watching them struggle to skate.

“No, you can’t,” he says before he looks up to see Hamm putting a golf ball.

“Yes, I can,” she says as she sinks the putt while looking up and giving him a knowing glance that causes him to nod slightly.

This new spot is a modern spin on the commercial Jordan and Hamm did in 1997, when they competed in basketball and soccer before downing some Gatorade and squaring off in fencing, tennis and track set against the backdrop of “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better).”

Wambach loved being part of this new incarnation, saying the original commercial had a real impact on her.

"This was just fun," she told People. "I was a kid growing up, watching the Michael and Mia commercials being like, 'Oh, this is' — it was the first time I had ever seen in my life a woman being seen in the same vein as a man. And I think that for me, gave me permission to believe that I deserved the same thing as men deserved."