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Make-Ahead Monday: Herb and lemon grilled steak prepared 3 ways

Bring out the grill for a summer-ready meal that's sure to impress.
/ Source: TODAY

Summer is all about utilizing the season's fresh ingredients and preparing them in simple ways that enhance their flavor — but won't make you break a sweat

On this Make-Ahead Monday we're grilling up steak, a versatile protein that pairs well with a number of fresh ingredients which allows you to fire up the grill (or a grill pan) on any summer evening and then use the leftovers throughout the rest of the week with different toppers.

New York Times food reporter Melissa Clark, who authored the cookbook "Dinner: Changing The Game," uses lemon and fresh herbs to create a juicy and flavorful steak recipe that can be served alongside refreshing summer favorites like a zesty mango salsa, in a noodle bowl or with an avocado salad.

This brightly-flavored marinade will work with any of your favorite cuts of steak: it's zesty, garlicky and goes with almost any kind of meat.

Tropical Mango Salsa

Honey-sweet mango and tangy tomatoes make for a gorgeous and deeply flavored salsa that's excellent with grilled steak.

Rice noodles, herbs and plenty of crunchy vegetables create the cooling base of this hearty salad that pairs perfectly with a grilled steak. This is also the perfect way to make a showstopping lunch.

Creamy Avocado Salad

Let's face it, pretty much everything is better with avocado. Creamy avocados, tangy citrus and salty capers are a terrific match with juicy, grilled steak.