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Meet The Chork: The crazy hybrid utensil that's blowing up the internet

Move over, spork! Here are five kooky food implements to check out
/ Source: TODAY

Business in the front, party in the back: The Chork, a fork and chopsticks hybrid, may be the kitchen-utensil equivalent of the mullet.

The Chork: a fork and chopsticks hybrid food

Panda Express recently announced that it may offer Chorks at its restaurants in the near future. But in the meantime, you can just buy the 2-in-1 implement online ($7.99 for a dozen,

Here at TODAY Food, the Chork was food for thought: We couldn't help wondering what other kooky implements are out there. The internet answered our question immediately. Here are four more silly ways to eat your food.

Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Still haven't mastered your pasta pick-up game? This handy dandy battery-powered spinning fork has you covered. $10.45;

Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set

We've all been there: stuck having lunch at your desk without a fork in sight. But just shove this pen-cap like attachment onto a pen, and you'll be chomping in no time. (The set also includes spoon and knife extensions.) $4;



Getting BBQ and hot sauces all over your fingers while eating ribs or hot wings is sooo passé. Instead use these tiny finger-sized tongs to chow down. $9.95 for two pairs;

The Dipr

Dunking Oreos in milk is an American right of passage. Thanks to this implement with a hook that holds the cookie, the time-honored pastime just got easier. Or... did it? $2.99;