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McDonald's sells birthday cakes for $9 on its secret menu

How did we not know about this until now?
McDonald's has an off-menu birthday cake that sells for $9, but not every location has it.
McDonald's has an off-menu birthday cake that sells for $9, but not every location has it.kayrock93 / TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

If you ever celebrated your birthday at McDonald's as a child, you know the fast-food chain has just about everything you need to throw the perfect party — like Happy Meals and PlayPlaces. But for years, parents have always had to supply their own birthday cakes … or so they thought.

As it turns out, McDonald's actually has a birthday cake on its secret menu. Yes, really.

In January 2021, TikTok user Kayleigh Weeks (aka @kayrock93) posted a video claiming that the burger joint sells $9 chocolate cakes with white frosting and an image of Ronald McDonald. In the video, Weeks shows off the rectangular sheet cake while cutting into it.

A few days later, Weeks shared a follow-up video as further proof that the cakes actually do exist since some of their followers seemed to be in disbelief. went straight to the source and asked a McDonald's spokesperson if these secret cakes actually do exist, and were thrilled to hear that they are, indeed, real.

All McDonald's owners/operators across the country have the option of ordering the cakes (they come in vanilla and chocolate) from their local distribution center for employee or customer celebrations. Occasionally, restaurants decide to let customers purchase the cakes, but they're not on the official menu and you won't find them at all locations.

Hoping to secure your very own McDonald's birthday cake? It doesn't hurt to ask the employees at your local restaurant if they're available!

Plenty of restaurants have secret menu items that eventually get leaked, and we're always thrilled when we find out about them. For instance, earlier in 2021, Disney Springs announced that it has a secret menu watermelon Dole Whip treat that would be available for a limited time. Starbucks has also been known to offer quite a few secret menu drinks over the years.