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McDonald's makes major menu change: All-day breakfast is here!

Egg McMuffin at 1 p.m.? Sure!
/ Source: TODAY

The people have spoken, and McDonald's has listened.

The iconic fast food restaurant will now offer its breakfast menu during all hours of the day.

The egg-celent news may have some hash brow(n)s raised, but it was greeted with joy on TODAY Tuesday.

"It was the consumers' idea. This is what they want us to do," McDonald's president Mike Andres told The Wall Street Journal (as reported in Consumerist). The chain has been successfully testing the all-day breakfast in several markets over the last few months, and franchisees have given it a thumbs-up, too.

This is the biggest change to the menu since the McCafé was introduced six years ago.

It's also generating some fun tweets. McDonald's social media folks are reaching back all the way to 2007 to respond to requests for an all-day menu with comments and GIFs:

There are some who think that the only reason the McD's breakfast is so special is that it is a limited occurrence. But that hasn't ever put a damper on bakeries, which offer cookies all day, for example.

Time will tell, of course. Meanwhile, the magic begins on Oct. 6, a day that will surely go down in McGriddle history.

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