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People were really excited about McDonald's new burger — until they found out it was fake

It’s April Fools’ Day! But we kinda wish some of these prank foods were real.
April Fools' deals
@McDonaldsUK/Twitter/Red Lobster/Facebook
/ Source: TODAY

Several big food chains are offering some pretty peculiar deals on April 1.

Of course, it's April Fools' Day and folks across the country (and the world) are plotting out how to prank their pals and loved ones today. Popular food brands have also been scheming up some new ideas. While we'd actually love to chow down on a McPickle, it turns out that there are a lot of fakers out there.

Here are some of the top food pranks TODAY Food has spotted on April Fools' Day 2019.

Starbucks just for dogs

Oh, how we wish Pupbucks was a real thing! Starbucks' adorable commercial featuring a bunch of furry extras certainly brings out the "aww!" factor. Of course, many Starbucks stores do already offer Puppuccinos (basically just whipped cream in a small cup) so a store catering entirely to man's best friend isn't totally off base.

Red Lobster's Red Licorice Straws

Red Lobster is no stranger to mixing things up in the kitchen. They once ran a special that offered fried lobster drizzled in syrup with a Belgian waffle — and no, that was not a prank.

But on Monday, the chain rolled out a surprising "promotion" for an eco-friendly straw option.

"Starting Summer 2019, red licorice straws will be our 1st test for an eco-friendly alternative for plastic straws!" the chain wrote on its social media pages.

Some licorice haters were disappointed. But others were excited.

"Might be good in some of the alcoholic drinks," an inventive fan wrote.

Sipping cola through Red Vines isn't that unusual so even if the chain doesn't offer these edible straws soon, customers could just bring their own.

McDonald's milkshake sauce pots

McDonald's latest spring special involves one delightfully delicious habit many diners claim to love: dipping the chain's signature salty fries into their sweet shakes.

To make fry dipping that much easier, the chain "introduced" its first milkshake dipping sauces in four different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and Shamrock (in the U.K., the chain joked about offering up a banana dipping sauce).

Most of the chain's followers weren't duped by the funny video. However, that hasn't stopped them from begging the chain to make milkshake sauce pots a real thing.

Hasbro's Mr. Avo Head

Hasbro, known for its iconic games and toys like Monopoly, Transformers and My Little Pony, created a new toy for all of the hipster children in the world.

And he looks really delicious.

"Holy guacamole!" Hasbro's social media peeps exclaimed on Twitter. "We’ve given Mr. Potato Head the sack and we're introducing his new hipster companion, Mr. Avo Head!

Avocado stuffed toys already exist, so this really isn't too much of a stretch, either — even if it isn't real.

Hardee's Chief Biscuit Officer

For anyone obsessed with biscuits (South Carolina native Craig Melvin is obviously a huge fan), the fast food chain Hardee's is offering up the opportunity of a lifetime.

The chain is "hiring" a chief biscuit officer — that's CBO to you. The position will reportedly handle and carefully approve all biscuit business.

While this very sadly isn't a real position at the company, there really is an application page on the website. A Hardee's spokesperson told TODAY that applying to the position will enter biscuit fiends into the running for a year's worth of free biscuits (and that part's no joke!).

McDonald's beautiful McPickle special

McDonald's Australia thought it would be funny to launch an April Fools' Day burger for pickle fans. They didn't realize, however, just how many pickle there are in the world and people were very, very upset when they realized they'd been deceived by the chain.

"A dream come true," one follower wrote.

"APRIL FOOLS! Also made this for breakfast this morning," one disappointed instagrammer said.

"This shouldn’t be a joke," another chimed in more seriously.

The McPickle received so much positive feedback that maybe its makers will have a change of heart.

Dunkin's doughnut cup holder

It's not the first time that someone has fashioned a container out of something that wasn't actually a car cup holder. This option just seems a little sticky — literally.

That's because Dunkin's new cup holder is made out of doughnuts with extra-large holes. While comical, we certainly wouldn't say no to a super-sized pastry.

Halo Top's ice cream face mask

"You look like a snack, so your skincare routine should compliment that," says the better-for-you ice cream brand in its April Fools' Day commercial.

Again, with homemade food remedies becoming more and more popular, it doesn't seem that off base to want to take a little lick from a jar of a creamy face mask.

FreshDirect's Caulk (Cauliflower Milk)

This hilarious and all-to-realistic commercial combines two of America's current food obsessions: cauliflower everything and non-dairy milks. Enter caulk: "The latest innovation in alternative milks." In commercial, the narrator's soothing voice is pretty believable, to be honest. We wouldn't be surprised if caulk (or any other type of veggie) milk became a thing pretty soon ... pea milk exists, after all!