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McDonald's admits epic fail after fans couldn't get Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's apologized to "Rick and Morty" fans after underestimating how many people would want its limited-edition chicken nugget dipping sauce.
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone who has ever encountered discounted Broadway tickets or a Black Friday sale at a big box store knows nothing gets crowds worked up quite like specialty promotions. And things can get pretty intense.

Things can get especially intense when store behind the promotion messes up their side of the deal — as was the case with the McDonald’s one day release of its famous Szechuan-flavored dipping sauce.

On Saturday, there were long lines, lots of angry customers ... and many locations even claimed they never had the sauce in stock at all.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced they were bringing the famous spicy dipping sauce back for one day, due in large part to an overwhelming response from "Rick and Morty" fans after the sauce was mentioned in an episode of the cartoon.

But on Oct. 7, McDonald’s locations faced super-long lines of eager fans. And many of those sauce-lovers left angry as the chain apparently underestimated just how big the demand would be. Stores quickly ran out of their sauce supply — causing mini riots and an outpouring of complaints across social media.

Those who did get their hands on the sauce made the most of it, even going so far as to list packets on eBay, where three ketchup-sized packets went for $848!

In order to make amends, McDonald’s has responded to the irate fans, issuing an apology statement late Sunday. The chain also says they intend to make good on their promise by bringing back even more sauce soon.

McDonald's promises Szechuan sauce will return again this winter and this time around, it will be more widely available. Lets hope so because fans will probably start lining up even earlier next time.