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McDonald's launches burger-scented candles — here's where to find them

The new candle line features distinct aromas that make the Quarter Pounder so fragrant.
McDonalds/ Reuters
/ Source: TODAY

Forget lavender, vanilla or even spiced apple. A new line of candles is coming soon that just might make your mouth water ... or make some people gag.

The Quarter Pounder Candle Pack is part of a new collection available via Golden Arches Unlimited, Mickey D's online shopping destination for seriously obsessed customers who want to score fast food-themed merchandise. It includes six uniquely scented candles in small glass votives.

If you're not a big fan of pickles, then no worries. Each differently colored candle smells like just one of the main components of the chain's signature sandwich. There's the 100% fresh (never frozen) beef patty in brown, cheese is orange, onions are in white, pickles are green, ketchup is in red and a sesame seed bun scent is represented by a creamy yellow.

Anyone who wants their house to smell like McDonald's, light 'em up.
Anyone who wants their house to smell like McDonald's, light 'em up.McDonald's

"Because there’s no better smell than 100% pure North American fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings," said a press release from the chain.

Really? No better smell? We can bet vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix, who recently made a moving Oscars speech about animal welfare, would seriously beg to differ.

For people who do want to fully transform a regular household into a home that smells like a McDonald's kitchen, they can simply light every candle at once. Or you could just have a bedroom that smells like onions, a bathroom that reeks of pickles and a living room scented with the fine aroma of processed cheese.

McDonald's is also launching a limited-edition series of Quarter Pounder-themed goods along with the candles. There's a heart-shaped locket, a tricked out T-shirt, mittens, a calendar and even a bumper sticker to make it even easier for fans to publicly declare their love for the burger.

McDonald's fans can now dress like their favorite foods.
McDonald's fans can now dress like their favorite foods.McDonald's

A McDonald's spokesperson was unable to share with TODAY Food how much these candles will cost (right now the website just says they're "Coming Soon"), but other items on the site, such as calendars, mittens and umbrellas, are priced around $25 to $30.