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McDonald's just rolled out a value menu with $1 Big Macs, McNuggets and more

There's no app download or mobile ordering required here.
/ Source: TODAY

McDonald's may have axed most of its traditional Dollar Menu earlier this year, but now the chain is launching a deal with a handful of items that will only set you back a buck — if you make another purchase first.

On Tuesday, the chain launched a new promotion that allows folks to purchase four of its staple items at the regular price, then get the second order for $1. The options include a Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a Filet-O-Fish or a 10-piece nugget box.

McDonald's dollar menu
McDonald's is making another change to its value menu offerings. Getty Images

McDonald's first Dollar Menu was originally rolled out in 2002. That morphed into the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu in 2017. While some local franchises around the country still sell items like a five-piece McNuggets or a burger for a dollar, those offerings have become increasingly rare and most locations really just offer drinks for a buck or two.

With the new promotion, however, fry fiends and burger buddies won't have to buy two of the same item to score the deal. Instead, anyone can mix and match any combination of items on the buy-one, get-one menu as long as they pay full price for the pricier item. Considering a Big Mac, 10-piece McNugget and Filet-O-Fish all cost about $4, the new menu could save patrons at least $3 on any given meal.

This BOGO announcement is yet another example of big, quick-service chains fighting to one-up competitors with limited-edition deals. These promotions often deflect the fact that fast food prices are rising across the board.

Many of these offers, however, have to be claimed by downloading the restaurants' apps or can only be ordered online. Last summer, for example, McDonald's offered Big Macs, McChickens and breakfast sandwiches for $1 every day, for over two months. But that was only available to folks who had the chain's app. So no smartphone, no sandwich.

A spokesperson for McDonald's would not confirm exactly how long the BOGO promotion will last but said that the chain plans to "regularly pulse in other limited time deals from time to time at participating restaurants ... to provide customers more options across our menu’s categories and price tiers."

McDonald's new offer is currently available at every participating restaurant and drive-thru location across the U.S.