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McDonald's just launched a new blueberry pancake McGriddles

The popular McGriddles just got a major upgrade.
/ Source: TODAY

The McMuffin paved the way for fast-food breakfast sandwiches when it was first introduced in the 1970s. For years, it remained largely unrivaled, so when McDonald's McGriddles were launched in 2003, people flipped for the portable sweet and savory combination.

The breakfast sandwich is filled with all the usual elements like bacon or sausage, plus egg and cheese, but its buns — fluffy, mini pancakes studded with crystals of sweet syrup — are what truly make it unique.

This week, McDonald’s began testing a totally new type of McGriddles that swaps in a popular pancake extra: blueberries.

The Blueberry McGriddle is being tested in Washington, D.C.
The Blueberry McGriddle is being tested in Washington, D.C.McDonald's

There are three new McGriddles being tested at the participating D.C. locations:

  • A sausage, egg and cheese Blueberry McGriddles
  • A bacon, egg, and cheese Blueberry McGriddles
  • A sausage Blueberry McGriddles (which doesn't have any egg or cheese)

Those little syrup crystals that make the original McGriddles' buns so sweet aren't gone in this new iteration; the blueberries are simply additional.

“The flavors from the real blueberries balanced with the sweet taste of maple, reminds me of the blueberry pancakes my mother used to make for us growing up," Carol Martino, the culinary innovation spokesperson for McDonald’s, said in a statement.

The Blueberry McGriddles will be tested at over 100 D.C.-area locations for a limited time and, if the response is good, it's likely the offering will be expanding to other markets.

Carlos Mateos Jr., a Washington, D.C.-area based McDonald’s franchise owner operator, said, "We’re excited for our local customers to have the first chance and opportunity to test the limited time only Blueberry McGriddles sandwich and to hearing our customers’ response to this sweet and savory breakfast sandwich.”

This isn't the first time that McDonald's has tried to do a new spin on its McGriddles. The chain tested a French toast version in 2018 at various Minnesota locations, but they were not offered on a national level after the test ended.