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McDonald's is phasing out the best drink from your childhood

One of the most memorable drinks of our youth is saying goodbye — at least from the fountain soda machine at McDonald's.
/ Source: TODAY

For those of us who grew up in the '90s, our youth was built on a foundation of MP3 players, three-way calling, and, of course, crazily sweet beverages we knew were bad for us but were so delicious, we loved them anyway. And even if we don't really drink them anymore, we still feel attached to them.

One of the most memorable of those drinks, Hi-C, is saying goodbye — at least from the fountain soda machine at McDonald's.

Who loves orange soda? Kel does, but McDonald's doesn't care.Shutterstock

An internal company memo was just leaked to Reddit revealing that the brand is phasing out their Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as of next week. The stores that still have it in stock are allowed to keep selling it now, so if you are a big fan, this is your chance to pair it with a Happy Meal.

It appears that this decision was not made because McDonald’s is trying to keep us healthy, but rather, cold-hearted, childhood-ruining business. A new partnership is about to launch with Coca-Cola, which will be replacing the bright beverage with Sprite TropicBerry. Apparently, Hi-C would have stolen the new drink's thunder.

McDonald’s has the right to sell (and not sell) any beverage it wants; however, social media is now packed with broken hearts crying orange Lavaburst tears.

Maybe (just maybe!) Mickey D's will respond to this outcry by keeping it, but if not, we will always remember how happy Hi-C Orange Lavaburst made us — and how orange it made our tongues. And who knows? We may just learn to love Sprite TropicBerry, too. Yeah, yeah, we know, wishful thinking...