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McDonald's french fry hack sparks debate over the best way to eat fries

The days of unwieldy ketchup getting over everything are long gone.
/ Source: TODAY

Does anyone actually enjoy the process of using a ketchup packet?

Really, the whole thing is like a little nightmare wrapped in a foil. Once it's open — pending it was done so without having the ketchup ooze all over your fingers, dashboard or even your lap — the biggest quandary arises.

Where does one put the ketchup? Some swear by drizzling it all over the golden fries, but then with no fork for on-the-go diners, the mess can quickly go from bad to worse. Other people use the fast food bag itself as a makeshift dipping station.

Frankly, opting to just eat the fries plain is probably the smartest (and cleanest) decision people can make if they're eating in the car.

That is, until now.

A recent discovery has made life profoundly different for french fry fans and the hack some are calling "genius" is making waves — big tomato-flavored waves — across social media.

Apparently, this is the best way to enjoy McDonald's fries using the iconic cardboard box:

  1. Order fries from McDonald's (or any other fast food restaurant that serves fries with a similarly shaped box).
  2. Hold fry box steadily in one hand.
  3. With your other hand, fold the taller side of said fry box down until it sits horizontally.
  4. Squeeze ketchup on to the newly-created horizontal flap.
  5. Effortlessly enjoy dipping fries into ketchup.

The pure genius of this novel method has tweeters astounded.

It's also receiving lots of praise.

Some folks, however, questioned how this method will work for anyone trying to do a little portion control with their french fry eating.

Others speculated that the real purpose of the tall side of the box is to prevent food service employees from touching the scalding fries with their fingers.

And one tweeter claims to have known about this hack since he was a kid, so maybe it's more like a rediscovery.

McDonald's would not confirm whether the chain approves of this strategy for using its fry box, but it might be akin to that time customers started balancing chicken nugget boxes on their drinks. Or maybe they'll just instruct patrons to spring for the new bacon-covered cheese fries and ignore ketchup all together.