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McDonald's Chicken McGriddle, the syrup-infused chicken sandwich you never knew you needed

/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever been torn between ordering breakfast and lunch, McDonald's latest creation will allow you to get both in one bite.

The burger behemoth plans to test a new sandwich that combines fried chicken and pancakes for its all-day breakfast menu, according to a report from Columbus Business First.

The sandwich, dubbed the Chicken McGriddle, features a crispy chicken patty between two syrup-infused pancake buns.

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The mouth-watering item is the creation of Brian Mortellaro, who owns eight McDonald's locations in Ohio.

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“It’s a chicken-and-waffles taste,” Mortellaro, who kicked the idea up the chain to the McDonald's brass, told Columbus Business First. “I just think that’s something that isn’t out there right now.”

But if you want to get your hands on the breakfast sandwich you never knew you needed, you'll have to trek to one of the eleven locations in central Ohio where McDonald's is testing it.

Depending on the location, it costs $1.49 or $2, and is available until March 27, Columbus Business First said.

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