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McDonald's is bringing back its Shamrock Shake this fall — but there's a catch

The St. Patrick's Day beverage has been spotted at restaurants this September.
/ Source: TODAY

McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake is usually a treat reserved for that special time of year around St. Patrick's Day, but the fast-food chain is bringing the sweet drink back for a few select folks ... in September.

Why bring the pastel sipper back to stores months before it's slated to reappear?

Football, of course.


The Shamrock Shake is currently being offered exclusively at McDonald's locations in Philadelphia as part of the chain's "Stomp, Scream and Shake" campaign supporting the Eagles. It's the sixth year McDonald's has partnered with the city's NFL team to celebrate the official start of football season.

Fans will have until Oct. 18 to order one of the green drinks, which McDonald's advertisements are calling "The Eagles' favorite shake." The minty drink, which uses a base of soft serve ice cream, is topped off with a generous serving of whipped cream.

But why not offer the drink where other green jersey-wearing football fans reside? Surely fans of the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets would love something cold and sweet to sip while watching a game.

According to a McDonald's spokesperson, there are two important reasons as to why Philly gets all the minty fun this fall.

Firstly, the shake was first created in Philadelphia (it was originally known as the St. Patrick's Day Milkshake). The city is also the birthplace of the Ronald McDonald House charity, which provides temporary housing to pediatric cancer patients and their families during treatment. The shake was originally sold to help raise money for families caring for ailing kids.

Eagles fans are stoked that the early Spring drink is back for a limited time, but others on social media aren't too happy about the geographically isolated promotion.

Said the chain, "It seems only fitting that the Philadelphia Eagles and McDonald's bring the iconic shake to the forefront just in time for football season!"