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McDonald's is offering free bacon during its new happy hour — but there's a catch

Because bacon makes everything better.
/ Source: TODAY

Eating a lot bacon probably isn't a good thing. But don't tell that to McDonald's — or anyone following the ketogenic diet.

As far as food foils go, it's pretty hard to give up bacon. Just in time for the unofficial end to New Year's resolution month, McDonald's is making over three of its classic menu items with a whole bunch of bacon on Jan. 30.

But that's not all. Just before the chain unleashes new permanent menu items, McDonald's is celebrating the launch of its bacon-topped Big Macs, burgers and cheese fries, by allowing customers to put bacon on anything — really, anything.

This bacon bonanza is called the "Bacon Hour," and it will kick off for one day and one hour only: Jan. 29 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Customers can pop into any McDonald's in the U.S. and enjoy one free side of bacon on any menu item. That means, bacon enthusiasts can order bacon on a Filet-O-Fish, a Hot Fudge Sundae or even on some fresh apple slices.

It will clearly be the happiest hour for bacon lovers.

In addition to the wild bacon-y dishes customers concoct, the chain is unleashing new bacon-loaded menu items.

The first dish to get the royal bacon treatment the day after the Bacon Hour, is the new Big Mac Bacon, which will have all of the usual ingredients that come with a regular Big Mac (Special Sauce included), but it will be topped with three pieces of crispy applewood smoked bacon. The Quarter Pounder, which is now made with fresh, never-frozen beef patties, will also be available with bacon slices.

But perhaps the most exciting new menu item is a short-lived returning favorite. The Loaded Bacon and Cheese Basket of Fries was first tested in a few select cities during the summer of 2017, creating a lot of salty buzz. On Jan. 30 (when the bacon items hit menus nationwide), Cheesy Bacon Fries, classic fries topped with a velvety cheese sauce and smoked bacon bits, will officially be on the menu.

So far, fans seem pretty excited about the new extras:

And have little to say except, "Bacon!"

Though adding bacon to everything may seem so 2013, it turns out that Americans' love of the porcine product is still pretty big. After researching how many times the word "bacon" was mentioned between Jan. 1 and Jan. 7 on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, the fast food chain found that it popped up 17,000 times a day in the U.S. alone. That's 740 times an hour!

Talk about a love of bacon.

Adding bacon to fast food favorites is no doubt delicious, but don't tell that to the Harvard professor who said a healthy serving of french fries should be limited to just six total.