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By Alyssa Newcomb

Maya Rudolph has had a long and successful career in comedy, but the actress admitted that she'll probably always be known as "the lady who s--- in the street" in the movie "Bridesmaids."

On Thursday, the "Saturday Night Live" alum joined her "Bridesmaids" co-star Melissa McCarthy (who stepped in to host "Ellen")to take a walk down memory lane. Naturally, the two talked about the hilarious — and incredibly memorable — scene that had everyone laughing when the movie first hit theaters in 2011.

Flash forward eight years, it turns out that Rudolph still gets asked about the scene pretty much everywhere she goes — even at Starbucks.

Zhang Peng / Getty Images

"I was at Starbucks recently and my Starbucks name, in case anybody wants to know, is Donna, because no one spells Maya correctly," she said. "And then they pass it to the next person and they say 'Mia' or 'Moira.'

"But I have to answer to it, so I just changed it to Donna."

But during a recent trip to the coffee shop, Rudolph was caught off guard when the barista, who obviously recognized the actress, didn't call out "Donna!" when her drink was ready.

"This guy just sheepishly handed me this cup," she said. On it, he had written Rudolph's famous line: "It's happening. I'm s----ing in the street."

For those who need a refresher about the scene, Rudolph's character Lillian and several members of her bridal party came down with a horrific case of food poisoning after eating at a Brazilian steakhouse for lunch.

Of course, the group then became violently ill while shopping for bridesmaids dresses in an upscale boutique.

As nature took its course, Lillian — dressed in her fancy wedding dress — tried to find a bathroom to avoid potentially ruining her dream gown. With all of the shop's bathrooms occupied by her friends, she ultimately ended up running into the street and had to take care of business out in the open.

Meanwhile, McCarthy ended up finding some relief in a sink.

McCarthy was even nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the movie, yet Rudolph summed up how people likely still remember them perfectly.

"For me, I will always be the lady who took a s--- in the street. And you might have molten lava coming out of you for the rest of your life!" she joked.