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Mason Hereford shares New Orleans recipes: Bologna sandwich, crabcakes and more

Chef Mason Hereford celebrates classic Southern ingredients while reimagining their versatile uses.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef and restaurateur Mason Hereford is joining TODAY to share a few of his favorite NOLA-inspired recipes from his cookbook, "Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin' in New Orleans." He shows us how to make bologna sandwiches with homemade mustard, a spicy Buffalo Waldorf salad, crabcakes with buttermilk dressing and chocolate-coated ice cream with salty potato sticks.

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The Bologna Sandwich

The bologna sandwich at Turkey and the Wolf took a lot of people to become awesome. We rely on tubed pork from my friends Leighann and Dan's butcher shop Piece of Meat, David Weiss's white bread (which he created for us), and homemade chips that, thanks to quick-pickling, clock in somewhere between salt-and-vinegar and plain. But at the end of the day, it's just a bologna sandwich, and at home you're not going to break your back to make it. Instead, you should hit the store and follow your heart. Buy the good bologna (mortadella works, too), select a nice squishy white bread, and grab a bag of chips. The bologna sandwich is a special sandwich since it took tons of people to make it awesome. It also allows for the creativity to hit the store and follow your heart. Definitely make the sweet-hot mustard to go along with it!

Buffalo Waldorf Salad

I've been making this one for years, back when I was cooking food that didn't come on garage-sale McDonald's plates and did catering for movie productions and once saw Tom Cruise walking. It came from some of my favorite foods playing a game of telephone in my head after a couple of tokes. Plus, it makes me feel like I'm eating chicken wings, but it's vegetarian and technically a salad so you can call it healthy!

Crabcake Muffs

This recipe celebrates the bounty of Louisiana Blue Crab season with no filler. My philosophy on crabcakes is they should be all crab, plus maybe a few flavors to make the crabmeat sing and a little binder to hold everything together. Plus, these are mega easy and don't require any extraneous steps. They're also ready to eat with just a lemon wedge but going all the way and making the tarragon sauce is *chef's kiss*.

This is for anyone who's ever dipped fries in a milkshake. Homemade (and microwavable!) magic shell adds class on top of class.

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