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Maryland restaurant serves up the ultimate kids' menu for picky eaters

A Maryland restaurant is showing they understand just how difficult dinner out with the kids can be that offers exactly what some kids want.
/ Source: TODAY

A Maryland restaurant is showing customers they know just how difficult dinner out with the kids can really be with a new menu that offers children exactly what they ask for — even if that something is nothing.

Fager’s Island, a seafood restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, recently updated the kids' section of its menu with cheeky meal names like “I don’t want that” fries and “I’m not hungry” chicken tenders.

Ever ask your kid what he wants for dinner and he simply says, “I don’t know?” Don't worry, there’s a PB&J sandwich for that.

The menu goes on with classics like the “I Don’t Care” — a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich — and even a “What?" which is simply a cheese quesadilla.

The menu is now getting a lot of attention after being widely shared on Reddit, with one father commenting, “As a dad this is on the money. Good stuff.”

So, where did these parent-friendly, kid meal names come from?

Appropriately enough, a child actually came up with the idea. John Fager, the owner of Fager's Island told TODAY Food he actually got the idea for from his daughter, Malorie, who has a 4-year-old girl.

But this isn't the first time we've seen a menu that will give parents of picky eaters a chuckle. Last fall, a deli in Pennsylvania won props from many across social media with its own special children's menu, featuring items like the "I Don't Know" — a hot dog with french fries — and an "I Don't Want That" with fish sticks.