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Martha Stewart's unusual hack for scrambling eggs might be totally brilliant

The "Chopped" judge is known for her elaborate recipes.
Martha Stewart shares strange scrambled egg hack and leaves followers all mixed up
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/ Source: TODAY

A frothy cappuccino and a plate of soft-scrambled eggs make a delightful morning meal.

But Martha Stewart’s hack for scrambling eggs, which combines the two morning delights in a pretty unusual way, has Twitter users everywhere losing their appetites.

In a video shared on the Food Network’s Facebook page, the domestic entrepreneur divulged what she called “a very fun way to cook scrambled eggs.”

Stewart begins the process by cracking two eggs into a glass mug. She then briskly whisks the eggs and adds a little salt, a little pepper and “about a teaspoon and a half of butter.”

But when it comes time to cook the eggs, instead of grabbing a frying pan, Stewart places the glass cup underneath the steam wand nozzle of a nearby cappuccino machine. The wand — which is normally used for frothing coffee drinks — scrambles her eggs in less than a minute.

“Just insert the steam wand right into the scrambled egg,” Stewart explains in the short clip. “It steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs in just a matter of seconds.

“These eggs are buttery and fluffy, and light and delicious,” she declares as she piles the fluffy eggs on a piece of fresh toast.

Despite the unusual cooking method, the resulting “steamed” eggs look rather delicious, if not a bit undercooked. But the whole process struck Twitter users as pointless and wacky.

While Stewart called the technique “so very, very easy” and a “conversation piece in your kitchen,” fans and critics alike were dumbfounded. One crowd of detractors harped on the fact that most American egg eaters have a frying pan ... and not a fancy cappuccino-making machine.

Espresso makers available on Amazon run from around $100 to well over $2,000. Meanwhile, a fabulous, nonstick frying pan costs about $60.

Beyond just the price difference between steaming and frying, many Twitter users pointed out that cleaning the steaming wand might make you never want to eat eggs again!

The sight of raw eggs touching a coffee steamer sent shivers down many a barista’s spine.

Regardless of your feelings on steamed eggs, the reactions overall were pretty hilarious, including confused GIFs and witty ideas for future cooking concoctions.

After an “eggspresso” for breakfast, might one want to enjoy a clothing-iron panini for lunch? The possibilities are endless.