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Martha Stewart shares rare photo with her grandkids celebrating her 78th birthday

The lifestyle expert enjoyed a homemade cake (of course!) on her special day.
/ Source: TODAY

Happy birthday, Martha Stewart!

On Saturday, the lifestyle expert turned 78 years old and had some very special guests on hand to help her celebrate.

Stewart's grandchildren, Jude, 8, and Truman, 7, were right by her side as she prepared to blow out the candles on her glorious birthday cake. The domestic guru shared a sweet snapshot of daughter Alexis' children on Instagram, offering fans a rare glimpse into her life out of the spotlight.

It's been a while since the proud grandmother shared a photo of the two kiddos — and they've already grown so much since she shared a photo in May.

Naturally, the birthday cake was homemade (perhaps Jude and Truman helped?) as Stewart shared details on the delicious dessert, captioning her post, "And the birthday cake!!! Covered in freshly whipped cream Layered inside in this order: meringue, dark cherry ice cream , pistachio ice cream, and dark chocolate with chocolate chunks In that order. Homemade of course!"

It looks like it's been quite a delicious couple of days for the master baker, too. Leading up to her main celebration, Stewart shared a photo of a raspberry jelly in the shape of a lobster, calling the treat a "pre-birthday" dessert.

The Martha Stewart brand also took to Instagram to celebrate its founder, sharing a flashback photo of Stewart getting her hands dirty in a garden and writing, "Happy birthday to our founder @marthastewart48 who has taught us that the art of learning and discovery is a 'good thing'."

The account also shared one of the domestic guru's best quotes to mark the occasion.

Last year, during an episode of "COLD CUTS with Al Roker," Stewart commended her daughter's parenting skills and admitted that Alexis is reticent to take any tips from her.

"She is the perfect mother," Stewart told Al. "Those kids are so smart, so lovely, so advanced, so healthy, you know. She doesn't need any advice from me."

With so much love surrounding Stewart, we wouldn't be surprised if 78 turns out to be her best year yet!