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Martha Stewart's go-to plane snack is a stinky surprise

You probably won't find the DIY domestic mogul eating any VIP meals on the plane. But we're not sure that's an excuse for what she eats while flying.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart ... she’s just like us. No, really!

Just this week, we learned that the DIY media mogul is actually capable of making mistakes in the kitchen. And now we know that she hates airplane food, too!

Martha Stewart
Nicholas Hunt / WireImage

On Wednesday, The New York Times featured Stewart in their “Carry-on” travel column and she dished on what she packs for her constant travels. She also admitted that she almost never eats meals prepared on airplanes.

“I try to avoid plane food most of the time,” she said. “I just don’t find it very appetizing.”

It turns out Martha’s not usually getting any VIP meals on board. But we’re not sure that’s an acceptable excuse for what she does bring with her on the road.

In addition to her three (yup, three!) iPads, Stewart also packs hard-boiled eggs. For her whole crew!

“…My hardboiled eggs are just so much better than any eggs on the plane,” she tells the New York Times. “They’re from my own chickens. I take them for everybody I’m traveling with.”

Considering that the stench of hard-boiled eggs as an office lunch has caused wars at work, we’re guessing Martha’s seatmates are none-too-pleased with being trapped with the smell of old yolks (c’mon, you know it’s true) in a small space with recirculated air.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

On particularly long flights, she says, “I’ll take some very good food that I know I’ll want to eat on the plane. I might make a delicious smoked salmon sandwich on seven-grain bread; I might take a tabbouleh salad. I take homemade yogurt with apple sauce.”

So good luck if you’re the passenger stuck sitting next to Martha Stewart on a 16-hour flight and you're forced to smell her pungent meal.

The rest of us will be in coach, being disappointed by the $7 snack pack.