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Martha Stewart's 'first good selfie' is the epitome of selfie struggles

The 76-year-old domestic goddess has been experimenting with her angles.
/ Source: TODAY

The former selfie queen, Kim Kardashian, may have pronounced selfies dead, but there is a new selfie queen in town bringing them back to life: Martha Stewart.

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On Monday, Stewart posted what she described as her "first good selfie" — though it's very hard to imagine the former model opening the front camera and discovering a less-than-flattering image like the rest of us.

"I never ever take selfies but I have been experimenting," she wrote. "This is my first good selfie I do look just a little bit weird !"

"Weird"?! If this is weird, everyone should probably delete quite a few photos from their camera roll. It is fun, however, to imagine the 76-year-old domestic goddess experimenting with her angles: "What do I look like from up here? Down here? Is this what they call 'duck lips'? How much head tilt is acceptable?"

But after doing some thorough investigative research, TODAY Food noticed that Stewart has, in fact, posted multiple selfies in the past — and they're not just "good," they're masterful.

Like this one from 2015, where she assures us it's not Halloween — just a 24-karat spa day.

Or this one from the same year while she was on her way into the Super Bowl — no big deal.

Or this one from 2017 with her bestie Kevin Sharkey, flying to a remote village in the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana to observe some wildlife.

Or this gem from the same trip, only this time she posed with a male elephant instead of a male human.

And how could we forget Stewart just chilling in Antarctica in a super-sleek fur hat?

It is possible, though, that she was just being her own biggest critic and had never been satisfied with a selfie before. Well, looks like Stewart has finally found her perfect angle-to-head-tilt ratio. The photo has over 32,000 likes and 2,000 comments, so apparently her followers agree.

"10/10 would make crafts with you," commented actor Zach Braff.

Next time, Martha, would you please get Snoop in the shot?

Oh, wait, she's already way ahead of us: