Martha Stewart reveals one of her craziest kitchen disasters

/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart may be synonymous with perfection in the kitchen, but even this domestic goddess can make mistakes.

We just never knew about any of them — until now.

Snoop and Martha Stewart from their Ghost re-enactment.@SnoopDogg / Instagram

Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg sat down with People magazine to promote the second season of their VH1 show “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” The duo took turns asking each other a few random questions grabbed from a bowl.

Snoop started off sharing his weirdest food craving: a stoner-worthy snack of peanut butter, pickles and potato chips, all piled onto a sandwich.

“What’s the biggest disaster you’ve ever had in the kitchen?” Snoop then asked Stewart.

“Oh, I’ve had lots of disasters, but I never let anyone know about them,” the domestic diva candidly replied. “That’s the secret.”

Makes sense, since she does have an image to protect, after all! But she did dish on one of the worst blunders, though.

“I was catering a party for Paul Newman…he was my neighbor and he asked me to cater a party for him," Stewart said. "And he wanted Moroccan food, so I made b’stillas, which are pigeon pies —beautiful ones.

"They were all beautiful with a design of powdered sugar on the top. I think there were 10 of them... I put them out on the stone wall to cool before we packed them in the truck.”

So far so good, but of course, disaster is eminent.

“My beautiful little dog…Little Bear, ate the tops off all 10 pies.”

“All 10??” replied Snoop in disbelief. “What did you do to him?”

“To Little Bear?” asked Stewart. “Nothing. It’s my fault!”

What we really want to know is how Stewart managed to save the day for Newman's party.

Did she quickly whip up something new? Did she try to salvage some part of the pies? Because that, ladies and gentleman, is what truly takes Martha Stewart-level skill in the kitchen.