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Martha Stewart's giant 'Martha-rita' is here to make your holiday weekend

The entertaining expert advises that this drink be limited to one per person.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart's giant pomegranate margarita — aka "Martha-rita" — is sure to give Ina Garten's huge quarantine cosmopolitan a run for its money!

Over the past two months, Stewart has been helping us get through this challenging time with her #homeschoolwithmartha Instagram posts that dole out advice on everything from organization tips to cleaning tricks to DIYs. But her most recent lesson, posted on Wednesday, just in time for the long holiday weekend, gave us a cocktail recipe that includes 2 full cups of tequila blanco — and it just might be her most informative yet!

"Homeschool with Martha: How to Make Pomegranate Martha-ritas!" reads Stewart's how-to video caption. "Today on #homeschoolwithmartha, @marthastewart48 shows us how to make one of her latest cocktail favorites: a pomegranate Martha-rita! Save the recipe below to make a batch of these refeshing[sic] drinks this weekend. Cheers!"

In the clip, Stewart leads us through the easy-to-follow recipe:

Pomegranate Martha-ritas

  • 2 cups freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 cups tequila blanco
  • 1/2 cup triple sec
  • 1/2 cup pomegranate concentrate

As far as preparation, all you need to do is add ice cubes and blend to make four large drinks.

"This is my anti-pet peeve margarita recipe," Stewart explains, holding a halved lime at the ready. "We call them 'Martha-ritas.'"

In true Martha fashion, the businesswoman and TV personality instructs us on the proper barware before getting down to business.

"Find beautiful goblets," she says, holding up an oversized glass. "I found these at a tag sale. Gorgeous, gorgeous crystal," she says, giving the glass a tap so we can hear the pleasant tone that verifies its authenticity. (I mean, this is Martha — of course it is!)

Stewart then shows us how to put lime juice on the outside of the glass only so that you don't get salt dripping into your drink — one of her aforementioned pet peeves.

She uses "course, sparkly salt, Fleur de Sel from the Grenadines" to coat the rim. "Boy, is it beautiful," she comments, adding her signature phrase, "It's a good thing." She keeps a saucer of this salt handy at all times, she says, just in case a 'Martha-rita' craving strikes.

Stewart informs us that she's already added most of the ingredients to her blender, including the two cups of freshly squeezed lime juice and two cups of tequila blanco. The "best" tequila she has "ever tasted," she says, comes from Casa Dragones.

She then tells us to add half a cup of triple sec, an orange-flavored liqueur, that before presenting the "pièce de résistance," a small bottle of pomegranate concentrate.

"Somebody called me out for using a dry measuring cup instead of a wet measuring cup the other day," she says, as an aside. "But forget it — you can use anything you know is accurate." Even Martha bends the cooking rules sometimes.

Telling us that POM Wonderful makes "the best pomegranate extract" she's "ever tasted," she adds half a cup of the product to the pitcher, giving her concoction a beautiful, dark pink hue.

Stewart adds ice to the pitcher and tells us to blend it on high. "You want it icy, frothy, cold and pink," she says before flipping the switch.

"Looks good, smells good and it is going to taste good," she says as she pours the finished product into four glasses.

"This is a festive drink, one per person for the evening — no more," she cautions us. "This is plenty large enough."

"We are egalitarian here at the Stewart farm," she says as she evenly distributes the booze between the four goblets.

While her other homeschool videos have given us tips for keeping basil fresh and making your own fabric softener, it's clear that this one will be a fan favorite.

"Pomegranate margarita, Martha-rita, whatever you want to call it," she says holding her glass up for a toast. "It's a good thing."