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Martha Stewart gets a lot of wacky fan art — here's why she keeps almost all of it

The multitasking businesswoman is pretty in awe of her devoted fanbase.
Courtesy Martha Stewart
/ Source: TODAY

It's no secret Martha Stewart has a lot of fans.

The domestic guru, businesswoman, television host and former model is certainly used to life in the spotlight. It's been decades since she emerged as a culinary maven and her devout following has never left her side. Fans applauded Stewart through countless seasons of "The Martha Stewart Show," remained by her side during her stint in federal prison and even defended her honor over the occasional controversial Instagram post.

With so much fame and success, one might imagine that Stewart would be over all of the fan mail she receives by now. But it turns out that Stewart is actually a big fan of her fans ... and all of the things she receives from them.

A fan sent Martha Stewart a caricature of she and her beloved dogs.Martha Stewart

"I save all of it because it's just very interesting ... very," Stewart told TODAY Food at her own Wine & Food experience in New York.

Since Stewart's fans look to her for homemaking advice, a lot of her fan mail isn't exactly mail. Many pieces are true works of art or craft items, many of which feature her dogs: Sharkey, Francesca and Genghis Kahn.

A glittery tribute to Martha Stewarts dogs.Martha Stewart

"I have a whole big studio filled with artwork from fans — of me, my dogs — from needle point to glitter," Stewart told TODAY. She houses the pieces in a grand two-story studio space in her Bedford, New York, home, so can she can showcase the works in her own personal mini gallery.

A portrait of Martha Stewart's French bull dogs.Picasa / Martha Stewart

The fan mail isn't just limited to paintings, sketches, statues and appliqué art on wood.

A fan sent Stewart an art piece of her pet, Sharkey.Picasa / Martha Stewart

She also has received some water bottles (in case she really, really misses her pups while traveling, which happens often), and even pieces of personalized furniture.

Many gifts Martha Stewart receives are dedicated to her pets.Martha Stewart

"Somebody sent me a whole high chair and it's all painted blue and has little step stools," Stewart told TODAY about the dog-friendly high chairs she uses for Sharkey and Francesca on a regular basis.

The doggie high chair one fan constructed and sent to Martha Stewart.Picasa / Martha Stewart

Despite having a whole section of her home designated for gifts from people who have avidly followed her career, Stewart admitted her collection likely pales in comparison to other big stars.

"Can you imagine what Barbara Streisand has?," she joked.

Still, there are some gifts even Stewart won't be able to be able to just pack up and display.

Last year, while visiting Seattle, Stewart told TODAY that she was approached by what she called a "handsome young guy" who professed his love for her.

"He pulled up his shirt, and he had this whole big tattoo of me on his side — his whole side!" Stewart said. "And then he gave me a Sharpie and wanted me to sign underneath that so he could tattoo that into his skin."

Now, that's commitment.