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Martha Stewart had the best response to someone who said she was 'too old' to ride a bike

Fans, followers and the domestic diva herself tackled the topic of age and exercise on Instagram.
Martha Stewart fitness
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/ Source: TODAY

From whipping up delightfully delicious pressure-cooker meals to teaching TODAY's Al Roker how to make the perfect sandwich, Martha Stewart does it all and, at 77, certainly hasn't let her age get in the way of her many projects and hobbies.

But one Instagrammer apparently thought otherwise.

On Saturday, Stewart posted a lovely fall photo of herself riding a new bicycle in the countryside.

The master of all things delicious and domestic noted in the caption that she only removed her helmet for the photo (who wants helmet hair, anyway?) and encouraged fans to try out the bike brand to fall in love "even more" with "two wheel traveling."

But an Instagram account Seafoodopedia, which is linked to a seafood reference guide app created by Christina Bischofberger, made a jab at Stewart for encouraging anyone to hop on a bicycle at her age.

"Sorry but you are too old to bike safely ... set an example admit it make it easier for the rest of us to give up thinking we can still do it all," Seafoodopedia wrote.

But Stewart jabbed right back.

"I feel sorry for you if you think I am too old to bicycle I keep in excellent shape by doing many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities!!!!!!!"

(Whew, we're feeling the heat from all those exclamation points).

When it comes to exercise and staying healthy, Stewart isn't fooling around.

The domestic maven still hikes, and has even completed challenging climbs such as the Beehive in Acadia National Park, which she tackled in August.

She rides her horses frequently, like to the farmer's market to pick up some fresh strawberries.

And she even gets out of the house on freezing days for a bit of cross-country skiing.

Stewart also has a personal trainer to help her keep in shape and visits her own personal gym three times a week to pop on the treadmill, use the rowing machine or lift some weights.

In addition to working out on the regular, Stewart has also curated many healthy eating tips and recipes and (literally) wrote the book on "Living the Good Long Life."

Many of Stewart's followers supported the chef's physical fitness routine and some commented that many people at her age (and beyond) need bikes to get around anyway.

"I pity you for not knowing that in Europe there are millions of elderly people who use the bicycle as a means of getting around. I imagine you'll lock yourself at home at 50," one fan wrote.

Another said, "I just unfollowed you @seafoodopedia because of your rude disrespectful comment to Martha. I admire you Martha, you have paved the way for women of all ages to try new things."

"Are you kidding? I bike with folks that are way older than Martha," one person wrote. "That is how you keep young."

"I still ride, ski and just took up weight training at 65! One is never too old to enjoy outdoor activities! I admire you even more," another commented.

Go girl, go.