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'We all double dip': Martha Stewart admits a few of her bad habits

The domestic diva talked about working with Snoop Dogg, her surprising affinity for TV dinners and re-gifting bad wine.
/ Source: TODAY

How does one get Martha Stewart to spill some of her juiciest secrets?

Just give her a generous pour of wine from her own her own line and ask away! During a game of "Never Have I Ever," Stewart gleefully admitted to re-gifting sub-par bottles of alcohol, double-dipping and kissing on the first date.

Stewart is rarely shy when it comes to dishing out the dirt — she's even joked about the agony of using spoons in lieu of her favorite kitchen gadget while in prison. So Harper's Bazaar didn't hold back from asking the truly tough questions during a recent interview.

Some may think re-gifting is a major no-no, but Stewart had a surprising response to passing off unwanted wine.

"If it's a bad wine, it gets given away," Stewart said, while enjoying a taste from her own vintage.

Then the conversation got a bit more personal as Stewart revealed more about her love life. Like, does she think it's OK to kiss on the first date?

"How else would you get to know them... fast?" Stewart replied with a smile.

And when it comes to online dating, as Stewart previously spilled to TODAY, she is no stranger to While her profile got 20,000 views within one day of being uploaded, Stewart admitted that being a "complicated date" has brought her little luck in the digital matchmaking world.

Stewart also might be known for making everything from scratch, but even this domestic diva has a penchant for one particular type of processed food: a TV dinner.

"I like TV dinners. They used to be really good," Stewart admitted. "Especially the turkey dinner, that was really good. I think it was Swanson's."

She also fessed up to double-dipping at parties ("We all double dip!), and to googling herself and her exes ... but who doesn't?

As the drinking game wrapped up, Stewart said she's never smoked with Snoop Dogg (because she doesn't smoke) and has never tried to pass off takeout as a home-cooked meal.

Cheers to you, Martha!