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Breadsticks, lasagna, and… knife fights? Secrets of Olive Garden revealed!

When one man went on a date with a former Olive Garden manager, he made sure to ask all the burning questions about our favorite restaurant.
/ Source: TODAY

People really love the Olive Garden.

And why shouldn't they? The waiters can be extremely helpful. Small-town reviewers rave about it. There's a "Pasta Pass" that gives you dozens of free meals. And speaking of free, how about those delicious breadsticks?

Olive Garden's breadsticks are definitely worth fighting over.
Olive Garden's breadsticks are definitely worth fighting over.Olive Garden

Still, we have questions. And thanks to the intrepid Joe Wadlington, a writer who recently went on a date with someone very close to the Olive Garden family and shared the intel he gleaned on Twitter, we have a lot of excellent answers to share.

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Grab a seat, and settle in!

Now, we're not saying that there is never a time when a two-hour wait for Olive Garden is warranted. But c'mon! New York City has some of the country's finest restaurants that you can't just visit while you're at home anyway.

An Olive Garden restaurant in Times Square in New York is seen on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.
Olive Garden in Times Square, New York City.Alamy Stock Photo

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But wait, there's more!

Now, you might think that running out of breadsticks would be the strangest thing to happen in an Olive Garden. But no ...

And so there you have it. That said, we're kind of hoping one day to witness a knife fight ... with breadsticks. Is that so wrong?

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