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Man goes viral for baking hand-shaped cookie stuffed with salad that he saw in dream

You’ve got to hand it to him, only in a dream could someone produce such a weird combo.
/ Source: TODAY

This time of year, we’re supposed to have visions of sugar plums dancing through our heads as we sleep. But one Wisconsin man had a very different dish come to him in his dreams — an M&M's cookie in the shape of a hand stuffed with Greek salad.

Yes, salad.

Arseny, who asked to only be referred to by his first name, told TODAY Food how the now-viral experiment came about.

“This whole thing started as a joke a week ago," he explained with a laugh. “My friends were like, ‘That’s ridiculous, please don’t do this,’ and naturally that just made me want to try it more.”

He created a food-grade silicone mold of his hand and stuffed it with cookie dough. He scooped out the center dough to make the hand hollow, then froze it so it would be solid as he removed it from the mold.

He then added the salad — and voilà!

“I do kind of have a weird idea and commit to it from time to time. Though not usually to the same degree as this,” he said, adding he didn’t have an angle or anything when he set about making the dish he calls the "King's Hand."

“It was just this messed up thing that I was like when people see this they’re going to lose their minds — but only in a small circle of my friends or friends of friends,” he said. As of press time, his original tweet had 155,300 likes.

“the artistry.....the vision... this feels like a modern answer to the jello salads of the 1950s,” @mallaproper replied to Arseny.

It’s also sparked an online discussion of other foods people have dreamt of — drinks like Earl Grey hot chocolate and chamomile coffee.

Other Twitter users went on to say how Arseny could make the King's Hand more … well, edible, by swapping the salad for something tastier.

“Some people are making suggestions like, ‘I would eat this but if the salad was ice cream,’ and I gotta say, that’s not King's Hand,” he chuckled. “Like of course I would eat an M&M's cookie hand that's filled with fudge but that’s not what I dreamed about!”

He added that he’s gotten a lot of positive responses and some “less so” but he’s enjoyed the 15 minutes of viral fame.

“One of my favorite takes that I’ve seen about it … people just saying like, ‘Please we need the vaccine! we need to leave our houses. This is too much,’” he said. “We need to get this man out of his house!”

Arseny also wanted to let people know he doesn’t normally make such questionable food combinations.

“King’s Hand is not reflective of what I normally cook for myself to eat,” he explained. “Some people have this misconception that I make King’s Hand for myself as a snack from time to time — no, normally I make food that is tasty.”