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Man says he found 'family' of mealworms 'having a feast' in unopened cereal box

The viral video begins with a man realizing a strange noise is coming from inside a sealed cereal box.
The TikTok user warns viewers to "watch out for special visitors" in their cereal boxes.
The TikTok user warns viewers to "watch out for special visitors" in their cereal boxes.mbutler20014 / Tiktok
/ Source: TODAY

A man on TikTok has gone viral after he posted a video of a squirming surprise found in an unopened box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats.

In the video, shared by user @mbutler20014 on July 23, he said he took a close look at a box of cereal once he started hearing "something" moving around in his kitchen cabinet.

"So I keep hearing something in this cabinet," he says. "I went to the store and got some cereal. I think it’s coming out of this box. I for real hear something in this box."

After inviting viewers to listen to the rustling sounds coming from inside the box of cereal, he opens the box of Frosted Mini Wheats, which had appeared to be sealed, and discovered a "family" of mealworms nestled between the shredded cereal pieces.

"Oh yeah, buddy," he says with a disgusted look on his face. "We have friends in here. Look at this."

The man, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment by TODAY Food, says in the video that there were about 13 mealworms "having a feast" inside the box.

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than half a million views and thousands of likes and comments. In a follow-up video, which was viewed more than a hundred thousand times, the user added a caption warning people to "watch out for special visitors."

"They in here, yo," he wrote, showing off a close-up view of the bugs inside the bag. "Unbelievable."

Some commentators said that they would be much more careful about their own breakfast choices now.

"I’ll be so paranoid now," wrote one TikTok user. "At the store holding every box of cereal to my ear before I take it home."

"Just went to my Amazon app and purchased some clear cereal containers," said another, suggesting that it would be easier to spot creepy-crawlies inside of a see-through vessel.

“We appreciate that this must have been upsetting," said Kellogg spokesperson, Kris Bahner, in a statement to TODAY. "Despite many precautions to prevent it, insects can penetrate properly sealed packages as products leave our control and work their way through distribution to stores and people’s homes. We have reached out to the consumer to gather information and address his concerns, but have not yet heard back from him."

Many viewers were disgusted by the video, but that didn't stop them from cracking jokes in the comments section.

"Prizes in cereal are not what they used (to) be," wrote one.

"Packed with protein power, a delicious crunch in every bite," joked another.

"Mini wheats aren’t supposed to snap, crackle, pop," added a third.