Make your barbecue a breeze with organic additions


Deciding what to grill for your Memorial Day barbecue is usually the easy part. Burgers, hot dogs, maybe some chicken or shrimp. It’s the side dishes and drinks that can become overwhelming. The answer is usually to serve a mix of homemade and pre-made dishes and beverages, a task that got much easier thanks to these organic, ready-made options!

Pacific Foods Organic Baked Beans

Simply heat up these slow-cooked beans (made with non-GMO ingredients) in the microwave before serving. Bonus: the beans are packaged in BPA-free cartons. Available with pork and vegetarian.

Farmhouse Culture Raw Kraut

The brand’s founder, Kathryn Lukas, likes to call her creation a “kimchi-kraut hybrid.” Whatever you call it, the krauts are a delicious topping for burgers and hotdogs—and their raw quality can also aid in digestion! Available in six flavors: Ginger Beet, Garlic Dill Pickle, Smoked Jalapeno, Classic Caraway, Horseradish Leek and Spicy Wasabi Ginger.

CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

If you think wine in a box can’t possibly be good, you haven’t tried these California varietals, made from certified-organically grown grapes. CalNaturale packages their vino in Tetra Paks, which have half the carbon footprint of wine bottles. (Their unbreakable nature is a plus for outdoor entertaining too!)

Earthbound Farm Organic PowerMeals

These clamshells include everything you need to throw together a quick, protein-rich salad (no rinsing required!). Available in Blueberry Quinoa Protein Balance, Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy, and Cranberry Wheat Protein Boost.

Santa Cruz Organic Celebratory Beverages

A grown up alternative to soda but still non-alcoholic, these sparkling beverages, available in Lemonade, Limeade and Tangerine, are as pretty as they are refreshing.

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