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Make stuffed peppers for dinner, then turn the leftovers into breakfast burritos

Anthony Contrino makes sausage-stuffed peppers for dinner and enjoys the leftovers in burritos for breakfast the next day.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef Anthony Contrino, star of TODAY All Day's "Saucy," is stopping by to share his recipe for stuffed peppers and repurpose the leftovers in a second delicious dish. He shows us how to make rice and sausage stuffed peppers and transform them into a tasty filling for crispy breakfast burritos.

I love any recipe that includes the word stuffed — you know you're in for a treat. These stuffed peppers are an all-in-one meal. You've got your carbs, protein, veggies and dairy!

Cooking for one can be a challenge sometimes, and I often find myself with a fridge full of leftovers. I'm not always in the mood for eating the same thing multiple days in a row, so when I can take something and transform it into something different and delicious, it makes me happy. Sometimes what you create is even more exciting than the original dish, and that may be the case here.

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