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Make Joy Bauer's healthier salt & vinegar chips, cream of broccoli soup

Joy Bauer shares easy and delicious recipes for healthier salt & vinegar chips and cream of broccoli soup.
/ Source: TODAY

For this week's Junk Food to Joy Food, TODAY's Joy Bauer is taking everyone's favorite cream of broccoli soup and salt & vinegar chips and showing us how to make healthier versions that are lower in calories without sacrificing the delicious taste. The best part is that besides being healthy, her recipes are super easy to make.

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Salt & Vinegar Chips

Crunchy, salty potato chips are certainly delicious…and hard to stop eating! Although a 1-ounce serving is only 150 calories, it’s easy to munch through several servings…or an entire large bag. Instead, try making baked chips at home using root veggies like carrots and parsnips. You’ll get the same addictive flavor, while scoring more fiber and antioxidants and cutting way down on calories. Get your fix with this simple recipe for just 70 calories per serving.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Most “creamed” soups are prepared with heavy cream and cheese, causing calories to soar. A traditional cup of cream of broccoli soup clocks in at 230 calories per cup—and most of us slurp down two cups at a time. To lighten things up, I traded the cream for cannellini beans—you’ll get the same velvety texture but with an added nutritional boost…all for just 85 calories. With a calorie count that low, you can go ahead and enjoy a second helping! Get the recipe here.

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