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Make the best s'mores ever with Jill Martin's ultimate campfire hack

You don't have to say goodbye to summer just yet!

Since I was a child, s’mores have always been my favorite dessert.

My dad and I used to collect wood, make fires and get roasting wherever we were — making s’mores has just always been our thing and it's one of my favorite family traditions.

Despite my love for the treat, I often struggled with an issue that many of you s'mores lovers out there have probably faced: finding the perfect ratio of melty chocolate to gooey marshmallow to crunchy graham cracker. Some bites were all chocolate, others were just cookie ... in other words, every bite was not as perfect as it should be.

It wasn't until later in life that a dear friend let me in on a little secret for how to create the perfect s'more. As someone who likes my marshmallows golden brown (not totally burnt!), I know it takes a little patience to concoct the perfect snack.

But don't worry, this snack hack couldn't be simpler — I can barely boil water — plus, you'll wind up with an amazing s'more every time.

So celebrate the last days of summer with a classic campfire and keep those marshmallows handy!

How to make perfect s'mores


  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Your favorite chocolate (Hershey's bars, Kit Kats and Reese's Cups all work well)
  • Graham crackers


1. Take a jumbo marshmallow and rip it open to form a hole.

2. Break up your chocolate into smaller pieces and tuck those pieces inside the marshmallow. Distribute the chocolate evenly throughout.

3. Carefully stick your stuffed marshmallow with a clean branch, straightened-out coat hanger or whatever you're using to roast it.

4. Roast the marshmallow carefully to desired doneness.

5. Carefully remove the marshmallow with the chocolate strategically melted inside on a graham cracker. Top with another graham cracker to make a sandwich and enjoy! Every sweet and gooey bite will be as delicious as the last.

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