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Make beautiful candy apples with edible glitter for a Halloween party

We dare you to have a taste, my pretty.
/ Source: TODAY

Come October, every festive get-together needs a swarm of spooky treats and one of the most iconic fall favorites is caramel apples.

While those sweet notes of sticky gold are to die for, why not try something a little different this year? These glittery, poison candy apples may look like a fantasy, but the recipe is actually much easier than one would expect. Plus, it uses a surprising ingredient to get that vibrant glaze: Jolly Ranchers.They're so good, even Grumpy might take a taste ... and he's skeptical about everything!.

Here's how to throw together this magnificent dessert worthy of Maleficent.

Glittery Candy Apples

Start by twisting off the apple stems. Then, insert a wooden stick into the top of the apple and push down. The sticks can be decorated or left plain. Next, unwrap a mix of your favorite Jolly Ranchers and divide them up by color. Add them to a sauce pan, heat 'em up and, after about 20 minutes, the hard candy will transform into a thick, gooey liquid.

Next, pick your poison — em, glitter — just be sure to buy the edible kind. Once the glitter is stirred in, reheat the glaze for two minutes and spin each apple gently around in the gooey molten candy. Make sure to let the coating drip down for an extra creepy effect.

Once they're dusted with another sprinkling of edible glitter, these apples will look so good you'll want to scream.

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