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Make-ahead Monday: Use simple sous vide salmon in fried rice and a frittata

Melissa Clark makes sous vide salmon with fresh herbs and turns it into fried rice with fresh veggies and a creamy frittata with ricotta cheese.
/ Source: TODAY

Sous vide cooking might sound scary, but it couldn't be simpler! Just set the temperature and a timer and let warm water cook the food to perfection. This gentle cooking technique is especially great for making proteins like beef, chicken and fish incredibly tender. New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark is joining TODAY to put this easy cooking technique to work to prepare three delicious prep-ahead salmon recipes. She shows us how to sous vide salmon with fresh herbs and uses the leftovers to make a slow-baked frittata and fried rice with vegetables.

Cooking salmon using sous vide produces the most buttery, flavorful fish imaginable. Here, the fish is slathered with herbs before cooking, then topped with a spunky, garlicky yogurt sauce. The yogurt sauce makes a great salad dressing, too, for sliced cucumbers served on the side.

Baking a frittata in a low oven gives a creamy, custardy texture that's a lot silkier than the usual version. This one is speckled with salmon, ricotta and chives. It's great served with leftover yogurt sauce and sliced tomatoes.

Tender bits of salmon, crisp bits of savory brown rice, and loads of vegetables make this a colorful and healthful dinner.

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