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Make-ahead Monday: Turn tender brisket into creamy pasta and crispy pizza

Chef Lazarus Lynch slow-cooks brisket with bold spices and turns the leftovers into a flavorful pizza with fun toppings and creamy Caribbean pasta.
/ Source: TODAY

Prep-ahead food doesn't have to mean plain. You can incorporate big, bold flavors into your meals for the week with minimal effort to yield maximum results. Chef Lazarus Lynch is joining the TODAY Food team to share his full-flavored recipes for spicy braised brisket that he turns into a dinner with green beans and potatoes, pizza with creamy goat cheese and Jamaican jerk pasta.

I am a big fan of cooking a large roast or brisket on the weekends for midweek meals. This braised brisket reminds me of barbecue and is most comforting during the winter months.

I don't make pizza often, but when I do, I want it to taste special. This recipe is the perfect way to transform leftover brisket for a group of friends or to enjoy family-style.

This pasta celebrates traditional Caribbean flavors. I love the rich and creamy homemade sauce that coats the pasta. This pasta is supremely delicious with shrimp, chicken or leftover brisket.

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