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Make-Ahead Monday: Turn roasted veggies into a week's worth of meals

Chef Lazarus Lynch roasts a mix of vegetables to make a light and filling kale salad and veggie chili topped cornbread pizza.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone wants to eat more veggies, but cleaning, chopping, prepping and cooking them for each meal is just too time consuming. Luckily, chef Lazarus Lynch is stopping by TODAY to share his quick and easy method for cooking a variety of vegetables ahead of time and recipes that use them to make more exciting meals throughout the week. He shows us how to make sheet-pan roasted vegetables, veggie pizza on a cornbread crust and a healthy veggie and kale salad.

Simple Roasted Vegetables

Roasted veggies glam up my entire kitchen experience. Roasting brings out all the natural flavors of the veggies without ruining all of its nutrients. Plus, I can make a huge batch ahead of time and incorporate more vegetables into my daily life with no excuse.

Roasted Veggie Kale Salad

I love eating a big salad during the day; it's sort of my routine. This veggie bowl is very customizable. Sometimes I add cooked shrimp, roasted chickpeas or bacon. The combo of sweet, salty and crunchy gives this salad all of the right textural and flavor tones to lift you in the middle of the day without any the crash-and-burn effect from heavier, meat-filled salads.

Veggie Chili Pizza

Veggie Chili Pizza

Lazarus Lynch

Chili in the winter fulfills me in the comfort-food department. Veggie chili is an even bigger win as there is no meat at all, yet it is perfectly chunky, rich and filling. This recipe is great for big families like mine. I love the cornbread crust as well; it's light on carbs and provides a nice base for the chili.

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