Make-ahead Monday: Turn leftover stuffing into more amazing meals

Stuffing waffles are the perfect day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast.

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By Matt Abdoo

Don't worry about what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers. Chef Matt Abdoo is turning next-day stuffing, turkey, green bean casserole and gravy to make three amazing meals. He shows us how to make traditional stuffing with fresh herbs and uses the leftovers to make a turkey strata, stuffing waffles with sausage gravy and stuffed peppers.

Pig Beach chef and owner Matt Abdoo visits the 3rd hour of TODAY for a special Thanksgiving edition of Make-ahead Monday. He makes leftover stuffing the star of three amazing meals, including breakfast waffles and stuffed bell peppers.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

I love Thanksgiving stuffing! It can be made so many different ways, but this classic, straight-forward version is my favorite.

Leftover Stuffing and Turkey Strata

I like to serve this easy breakfast the day after Thanksgiving because it's comforting and delicious — without being too heavy — and it uses leftovers from the day before.

This is a fun and nontraditional way to use your waffle iron that creates an incredibly tasty breakfast! Leftover stuffing and sausage give these waffles a savory spin which is unexpected, but so delicious.

Stuffing peppers with stuffing? Absolutely! Thanksgiving leftovers are even better when you change up their flavor profile a bit. Here, velvety béchamel sauce and melty cheeses give stuffing, turkey and green bean casserole an Italian-inspired twist.

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