Make-ahead Monday: Spice up ground lamb to make easy dinners all week

This recipe can get you through the rest of the week with some simple remixes.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Dan Churchill

On this installment of Make-Ahead Monday, chef Dan Churchill is cooking lamb burgers to make a week's worth of delicious dinners. He shows us how to make veggie-filled lamb patties and uses the leftovers to make burger salad bowls with honey mustard dressing and crispy lamb flatbreads.

Lamb Burgers

Lamb Burgers

Dan Churchill

I love this recipe because it's quick, easy and can get you through the rest of the week with some simple recipe remixes.

This is a healthy dinner with all the delicious flavors of a burger done salad-style. The meaty burger patties and hearty potatoes make this salad filling but not heavy.

Crispy Lamb Flatbreads

Greek-spiced lamb, creamy yogurt, fresh herbs and crisp veggies make this pita pizza not only flavorful but healthier than a traditional cheese- and tomato sauce-topped pie.

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