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Make-ahead Monday: Roast salmon to make 3 healthy and satisfying suppers

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian cooks up salmon to serve with sweet potatoes and broccolini, in Cuban sandwiches and tossed with pesto pasta.
/ Source: TODAY

Don't think cooked fish can make good leftovers? Think again! Salmon stays fresh for days in the fridge and is perfect for repurposing into a variety of different dishes. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian is joining TODAY to show us how to roast salmon at the start of the week with broccoli and sweet potatoes and use the leftovers to prepare two other tasty meals: pasta with salmon and arugula pesto and salmon Cubano sandwiches.

My favorite meals are ones that are well-balanced and nutritious. Here, the salmon provides the protein and healthy fats, sweet potatoes bring vitamins and the broccolini adds fiber. It's an easy dinner that is flavorful, simple and satisfying.

Ziti with Prosciutto, Salmon and Arugula Pesto

I love this recipe because it utilizes leftovers and addresses a variety of nutrition needs. Pesto can also be frozen into ice cube trays and used for single service.

Salmon Cubano Sandwiches

This dish is a late-night leftover craving which is quick to put together and satisfies your appetite with a slightly salty and crispy bite of food.

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