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Make-ahead Monday: 1 slow-cooker roast, 3 delectable dinners

YouTube and Cooking Channel star Laura Vitale shares delicious ways to rock your roast.
/ Source: TODAY

It's Sunday night, and you're facing a week's worth of dinners, coupled with a hectic schedule and a hungry family. What to do?

Been there, dealt with that. And YouTube and Cooking Channel star Laura Vitale is here to help, with one beautiful slow-cooker roast that you can transform into 3 delightful dinners. Because if there's anything busy people appreciate, it's a way to eat smart, without spending hours in front of the stove.

"The secret to fabulous slow-cooker cooking is to to use the slow-cooker simply as a tool to transform an inexpensive cut of of beef (in this instance) and cooking it low and slow to break it down and turning it into a mouth -watering tender roast," Vitale tells Megyn Kelly TODAY.

But not everything works out in a slow-cooker. So, advises Vitale, "Stay away from starchy foods because those tend to turn out like mush!

During an average week, the slow-cooker is Vitale's best friend. No kidding.

"I often joke and say I couldn't survive without my slow-cooker because as a busy mom, I often rely on it to make sure I am still putting a home-cooked meal on the table despite on how busy my days are. The slow cooker is doing all the work for me," she says.

Not only is this dish super-easy to make, but it also serves up 2 other yummy dinners.

Crispy and cheesy, this dinner is a crowd pleaser.

When it's cold outside, warm up with this inventive and hearty soup.