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Make-ahead Monday: 1 luscious lamb roast, tzatziki sliders and a salad

Food Network star Anne Burrell cooks up a perfect lamb roast, a juicy salad and zesty sliders.
/ Source: TODAY

There's a reason why chef Anne Burrell, host of Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America," loves lamb.

It's juicy and flavorful. And while rack of lamb might seem like a fancier cut of meat, it doesn't take a culinary expert to make a feast out of it. It's especially perfect for Easter dinner.

Just sear rack of lamb on both sides in a sauté pan until it's caramelized and then roast it 'til desired doneness is achieved. You'll have a gourmet-looking meal ready in no time ... and your guests won't know how simple it was to put together!

"Lamb is great meat because it is a red meat that is a satisfying as steak but with an extra tangy kick," said Burrell.

But, home cooks, beware of a common mistake when tackling lamb: under- or over-cooking it, per Burrell. "An instant-read thermometer will help prevent this," said Burrell.

As part of our make-ahead Monday series, Burrell stopped by Megyn Kelly TODAY to show us how to transform a simple but elegant roast lamb recipe into a tasty spring salad and zesty sliders.

For perfect lamb, first cook the chops for roughly 2 minutes per side on medium-high heat, until each side is gorgeously caramelized. And then, roast the lamb.

The secret to this salad? Make sure you heat the lamb with a little chicken stock to keep it moist and juicy.

To make the feta tzatziki spread, you want to use so-called European cucumbers, which are seedless and have a tender skin.