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Make 2-ingredient salad dressing with hummus and pickle juice

The super simple salad dressing is super creamy but takes only seconds to make.
Nicole Coulter / moresaltplease
/ Source: TODAY

If you've just run out of salad dressing and don't have any good olive oil or vinegar in the house, this hummus hack will save your tastebuds from having to endure lackluster greens — just leave it to the brilliant people of TikTok to whip up something special and surprising.

Nearly as unfathomable as the cotton candy-like cloud bread that surfaced in late July, this dressing seems almost too good to be true. It's vegan, but it has protein. It's free of gluten and dairy, but has a super creamy consistency. The best part? You only need two ingredients to make it and it takes just seconds to whip up.

Nicole Coulter, a plant-based food blogger and YouTuber known as More Salt Please, recently posted the recipe to her TikTok account.

Surprisingly (but not too surprisingly for anyone who already loves the many uses of pickle brine), the dressing is one part pickle juice and about three parts hummus.

The salty, tangy pickling liquid soaks up all of the goodness from the herbs and spices already in the jar, so it makes sense that using brine would bring an elevated flavor to such an easy recipe.

Many people who regularly pickle (try saying that three times fast!), recommend saving the brine for different recipes, from dressings like this one to roast turkey or even guacamole.

2-Ingredient Hummus Salad Dressing



  1. Combine 3 tablespoons of your favorite hummus with1 tablespoon of pickle brine. Use more or less brine depending on how thick you want the finished product to be.
  2. Mix until well combined and enjoy on top of salad or use as a dip with your favorite veggies.